The Beautiful City of Tianjin’s Ancient Culture Street

The Beautiful City of Tianjin’s Ancient Culture Street

Mid Autumn Festival is a harvest holiday here in China. We had a day off from our teaching and decided to take a fast train to Tianjin, about a half-hour away from Beijing at over 200 mph. The city was surprisingly beautiful with new, modern buildings and older “concession” buildings which were built by various European nations that gained control of the port city after the Opium wars in China. We first visited Ancient Culture Street, a large area that has preserved the old Chinese culture.

Street Vendors


Monkey King is back


Typical shops


Shopping Ancient Culture Street


The art of Paper Cutting


Old Versus the New


Adventures are more fun with friends. Ruthann Martin is a fellow teacher at CFAU. She’s from South Africa.


This man was playing an old instrument (Er Hu, or two-stringed instrument) to entice us into the shop


Pineapple or Rice? They know how to make their rice sweet and delicious. We are not used to healthy snacks


The art of making porridge includes hot water that comes from a big tea cup. Mike Martin in foreground.


You have to enjoy the statues everywhere!


They do like their pancakes . . .but not what we would expect


This is homemade candy. They can create any shape you would like.