Think You Know Your Countries? Try This Quiz!

Think You Know Your Countries? Try This Quiz!

Where is this scene?

Match each statement to the correct country below. Possible answers are Ecuador, Russia, China, United States, Kazakhstan, Chile, Greenland. No cheating! Don’t look at the answers below until you’ve given your best answers.

  1. This country has 56 recognized ethnic groups—nine times that of the United States. Your answer___________.
  2. This country has only one time zone. Your answer ______________.
  3. More than 30 million people in this country live in caves. Your answer ________________.
  4. More people go to church every Sunday in this country than in all of Europe. Your answer ________________.
  5. A man claiming to be the brother of Jesus led a massive rebellion in this country to set up a theocracy, killing millions of people in the process. Your answer __________________.
  6. This country and its northern neighbor are home to a desert covering 500,000 square miles. Your answer _________________.
  7. All Pandas in the world are on loan from this country. Your answer ________________.


Answers: This is a trick quiz. China is the answer to all of the questions (though possibly not the only answer to question #4). I’ll bet you’re a bit surprised. Comment with your biggest surprise. The picture above is the Gobi Desert, which stretches across parts of China and Mongolia. The Gobi Desert is home to a large population of wild camels.