Dumplings, Dumplings and more Dumplings!

Dumplings, Dumplings and more Dumplings!

You don’t have to be in China for very long before you learn that dumplings are something everyone in China loves and there’s an art to making them. Every year around Christmas time is also the lunar solstice that means you are supposed to eat dumplings that day to bring prosperity for the coming year.

The staff and teachers are invited to the cafeteria to make hundreds of dumplings and then they cook them for lunch. The president of the university always pays a visit to say hello. Laraine had the privilege of visiting with him for a few minutes and have her picture with him. The students then put on a New Years program. Our very own Judy Batschi, a fellow BYU china teacher, performed a solo during the program.

There was also a Relief Society class to learn how to make dumplings. So everything is dumplings for a few weeks.

Left to right: Marcus Freitas, President of CFAU, Laraine, Shelly (our Communist Party Liaison)


Elva Villarreal Posted on5:52 pm - Dec 30, 2019

Happy new year!

VelDean Fincher Posted on2:48 am - Jan 3, 2020

Laraine and Chuck, your last two two posts have made me think of my one loved venture in China in 2000. We were in Beijing over Thanksgiving, and we made do the best we could. But those of us in our tour group that knew each other from Fayette County spent the evening sharing what we were each most grateful for.

We also visited Xian, and while there we attended a dinner dance theater that served an endless array of dumplings. So delicious!

I really enjoy receiving your cards from time to time, and have sweet memories of you. I should give you my updated address since I moved to an apartment in the downstairs of the home my daughter Jaimee lives with her husband and three little kids. It is 20 Elberta Drive, Newnan, GA 30265.

Sending love your way!

    Chamberlainleadershipgroup Posted on7:04 am - Jan 6, 2020

    VelDean, thanks for your message. We didn’t know you had been in China. We’re glad you also got to experience authentic dumplings.