Find My Inner Strength Online Course

Discover how to Find your inner strength in less time than you think, even if you don't feel like you have inner strength

This is a step-by-step course designed for any age and any level of exposure to personal development or mental health programs. 

Improve your mental Health without going to a therapist

You already have the answers about you, deep inside you. We simply guide you through the process of self-discovery.  

Your work is private and personal to just you.   

From the convenience and comfort of your home, without having to leave the house and sit in traffic, this online course gives you more time to work on you. 

With on-demand delivery, it's available at the time you need it.  

The tools used in this course are some of the same tools your therapist might use with you. We show you how to use them.  

This course is the fastest way to results  

Much of what is written out there to improve your mental health actually targets other parts of you and relies on the "spillover effect" to bring results. Eating healthy, meditation, getting enough sleep, and going out with friends are all great ways to boost your mental health. However, all these are focused on your physical, spiritual, social, etc. and do not specifically target the emotional/mental part of you.    

Here's What yOu Get With 'find my inner strength'

It would cost thousands of dollars to sit down and meet with a professional to do each of these sessions with you. We've taken that value and packed it into this online course. 

Custom Music 

Online Course

Our audio track was designed for the purpose of integrating with our mental and emotional workshops. It's original music created for us and it becomes yours to download and use. 

Warm up exercise 

Step 2

By itself, this exercise is currently used by professionals to reduce stress and bring focus. It's yours to use to be prepared to get the most out of the exercises. 

5 classes - Theory instruction

Step 2

Five classes to give you an overview and background about the science and theory behind the exercises you'll do. These classes alone will give you greater insight into how your mind works and how you can make changes that are lasting. 

PDF's for download 

Step 2

We give you tools to work on yourself and at your own pace. Once we have walked you through the exercises step-by-step via video instruction, you can download the PDF's to repeat the exercises again and again on your own time--without the videos. 

5 classes - Special method

Step 2

These five exercises are the core of the course. Here you will learn how to Acknowledge, Feel, Identify, Own, and Embrace your inner strength.  

BONUS Exercise 

Step 6

Now that you know you have inner strength, we want to help you use and leverage it in your everyday life. This exercise shows you how to do that.  

Discounts on future classes

Step 6

We appreciate our students and you allowing us to help you on your journey. We know we have a lot more we can share with you and as we add more courses, you will receive a discount on those. 

Resilient Mental Health

Step 8

We know that the methods we offer work. So we can proudly say that after taking our course you will be more prepared for life's challenges and any difficult times in your future. 

The Specific help the world has been looking for

Mental health is a hot topic right now with an increasing demand on scarce resources and practitioners. There is a push to normalize therapy and engage in hard conversations, but the wide gap between "all is well" and "I need professional help" leaves the majority of us not knowing what to do. This course targets mental and emotional health from a position of overall well-being and preventative care and is beneficial even before a crisis.    

what's Included in the course?

2 full modules with downloadable content packs the most value for your dollar. Not only will it probably take you over a month to go through all the exercises provided, but each is available to do again and again. As you grow and your situations change, you can continue to use this resource as a help. 

Module One

Online Course

-The Power of Journaling


-'Inside-Out' Theory

-Model of Personality

-Left Brain / Right Brain

Module two

Step 2

-Acknowledge My Inner Strength

-Feel My Inner Strength

-Own My Inner Strength

-Identify My Inner Strength

-Embrace My Inner Strength

Special Bonuses

Step 2

-Use and Leverage My Inner Strength exercise to put what you learn to practice in your current situations

-Music for you to download and keep

-Discount on all future classes

The more engaged you are in the exercises, the more you will get out of the course. Ready to get started? ,

About Your instructors


Chuck and Laraine Chamberlain are both certified by Dr. Lucia Capacchione in Creative Journal Expressive Arts. Having overcome their own mountains of difficulties, they are highly qualified to guide you on your own journey to strong mental health using the methods they have learned, used, and taught over the last 12 years.   

what's unique about this course?

This method is not therapy, although many have called it "therapeutic." Most online therapies charge per session or per unit of time. Our course gives you "hands on" activities to help you uncover strengths and make changes in your own head. You can use these exercises throughout the rest of your life.   

complete access


one time payment


"...I still take the exercises I was taught and in a moment use them to take me out of stressful situations."


Massage Therapist 

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase the course and within 30 days feel that it does not contain the promised value, or it has not been helpful to you, we will give your money back. No questions asked. 

Copyright © Chamberlain Leadership Group. All Rights Reserved. 

Recording Gigs

As native English speakers associated with a university, we were asked to record English dialogue (so far about eight hours’ worth). Apparently, the recordings will be used to test candidates who want to work for BMW to make sure their English is “up to snuff.” We had fun doing the recordings, and may do more . . if asked. It is difficult to cold-read a script, especially when the vocabulary gets into scientific terms. However, we did not have to do too much re-recording, as we soon became familiar with the process.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon? Nope. . . It’s Usually Blue in Mongolia

Our October, 2018 National Week holiday trip to Inner Mongolia included a visit to a temple in HohHot (pronounced: ho huh hot). It differed from the more traditional Chinese temples south into the main part of China. Here, the locals tend to bring brightly colored (especially blue) cloth to leave behind as a sign they want their wishes to come true.  

It is always fun to see couples in traditional dress.

This sweet lady came up to us begging for money. Many of the handicapped there do not have wheelchairs so they sit on rollers to get around.

American Football Fun for China Students

Laraine decided to let Chuck come and teach one of her classes about football. “Real” football — you know, not the one the rest of the world plays! What better way to understand America than to participate in one of our most important sports? The goal was to help students to understand the game well enough they could take part in conversations with American citizens and have some degree of comfort about discussing football. We started in the classroom and then went outside. The students thought it was great fun.

We started in the classroom so Chuck could explain the rules of the game and decide positions. Have you ever tried to explain football to someone who has no idea about it? It’s a VERY complicated game. For instance, there are 5 ways to score points!  Points in football can be 1, 2, 3 or 6 points. (There are two ways to score 2 points). No wonder the world thinks it’s so complicated! We divided the class into two teams and gave them an instruction to choose a fierce animal as a team name. The names they came up with were: Bats and Dragons. Yup, this is definitely China.

A huddle is just a meeting where you laugh and try to figure out what’s happening in the game.

We then went outside on the grass so they could practice doing it. They were very reluctant to come up to the line of scrimmage. We had to keep moving them forward. Concerned for their safety, Chuck kept telling them to do the plays in slow motion. Eventually, it got to full speed, especially with some of  the more athletic kids. We declared it a success because there were no broken bones. Chuck needed a whistle!


Genghis Khan–Up Close and Personal

Genghis Khan–Up Close and Personal

We had the opportunity to visit the monument for Genghis Khan. He was the founder of the great Mongol Empire, which compared to anything else in world history, was the most far-reaching contiguous empire.

Here we are standing in front of his mausoleum. No one knows where his body actually lies because he did not want his body buried in a marked grave. He is revered all over Mongolia (Inner and Outer), and there are statues and shrines of him everywhere. He was the first “Khan” (ruler or king), and other Khans came after him. He was born in 1162 AD as “Temujin.”


This is a statue of him even though there is no painting of him. He never wanted his portrait painted. They based the likeness of the figure in this statue on what his grandfather looked like. Temujin (Genghis Khan) had an interesting, yet troubled life. At the age of 9 he was betrothed to a young girl and was taken to live with her family until he could marry her at age 12. Later in life, his wife was kidnapped and carried away to a distant land. He prayed for three days about what to do. He eventually rescued her in a very bold, military move and was reunited with her. Genghis Khan lived in a brutal age and was a man true to his times, yet he had a spiritual side. He wanted all to have the freedom to practice their religion.


This is a worship area that is supposed to be for men only. Visiting women are told to go shopping while the men walked around this area in order to gain super power. The blue banners and cloth are all over Mongolia. You make a request for blessings and then tie a blue scarf at the shrine for it to come to pass.

Based on the English translation of this sign, would you know what to do? In essence, it is saying: “Traditionally, women do not enter here, out of respect for themselves and tradition. But we understand tourists don’t have the same beliefs, so consider this a suggestion only.”  The women didn’t mind having time to shop. And the men came back so very powerful!

We so much wanted to correct their signage.

If you were to spend your lifetime correcting every sign in China and Mongolia, you would not get out of one small town, and you would not cover even a tiny fraction of the need.

On the way back to HohHot we stopped to see these massive statues that were on the grounds of a government building. This is just one of several in the same area.