Jeremy Chamberlain

Jeremy Chamberlain

Jeremy Chamberlain was born in Draper, Utah and spent his very early years at the foothills of the mountains, chasing bobcat tracks and building tree forts. His comfort of the outdoors quickly changed in elementary school as he became a city boy when he moved out east. He grew up in a very diverse neighborhood of Maryland that introduced him to many cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

Jeremy graduated suma cum laude from Georgia Gwinnett College with a Bachelors in Business Administration, International Concentration. The best business choice he ever made however was joining a network marketing company that gave him prospective and hands on world experience to apply what he was learning in business school. Understanding residual income or passive income sent Jeremy on a journey for financial freedom and continues to influence his “work” decisions today.

Upon starting college a professor had the class fill out a questionnaire that asked where they would be in five years. Jeremy stated he would be a full time dad and run his business and work from home. He felt it was most important to be present for the daily needs of his kids. After graduation he was working for a large import/export company but after the birth of his first child he quit and pursued business ventures from home.

Now the father of three kids Jeremy and his wife live in an Atlanta suburb where Jeremy is a full time dad and grows from the challenges of raising children.

Jeremy started working for money in his early teens mowing lawns and at age 15 started in a fine dining restaurant. For many years he explored all work opportunities available trying to grow himself and his skill set in any way possible and along the way closely analyzing his superiors and their satisfaction with their own lives. He learned early on what money was and was not and quickly identified what he wanted for his own life and family.

Jeremy spent several years in Real Estate Education and surrounded himself with books and mentors of those who had what he wanted. He learned about goal setting and personal development. While it took 10 years to actually obtain the title Jeremy never let go of his desire to be a real estate investor. What he learned from the journey has shaped who Jeremy has become, mostly a life student of personal development and led to him authoring a book in the genre.